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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Updates on CALM diet for dogs

So it has been another week with Bella on the CALM diet.  There have been some major milestones without really getting into any training or counter conditioning ( it has been busy, I am the only one at home really working on this, and after work I am just too tired at times to bother!).  The other day the neighbor was outside with his dog, just across the street.  The dog was barking at Bella which would have had her barking, pulling at the tie out, and just going nuts.  She ran to the edge of the yard, barked once and came to me as soon as I called her.  That was big.  

Unknown men would get her all worked up but now she is not nearly as concerned about them.  I was walking her up to work and a man was walking behind us by about 2-3 feet.  She turned to look at him 1-2 times but kept up on her heel and would focus on me.  In the past she would have been constantly twisting around, barking, hair raised.  Now she can take the command and be happy about heeling. 

This was the biggest achievement so far.  I was walking her in the neighborhood and she was sniffing at the edge of someones yard.  All of a sudden the pug, lab and another bigger dog came running down the yard barking at Bella.  She looked up and I turned her around where by she heeled with me to get across the street so we would not have any fur flying.  She heeled, looked at the other 3 dogs a time or 2 but would otherwise focus on me and follow the command to keep moving away.  Her reactivity to them was much reduced over her typical reaction which is especially good when you consider they were barreling down the yard at her.

I have put 2 cases I have recently seen on behavior consult on this food.  My techs call or email the clients on behavior consults at least once weekly checking up on progress.  I am eager to see  how this food is going to work with these cases.  One of the cases is on Clomipramine and the other is not on any other medications or supplements.  So we will see how other meds with this diet compare to this diet alone. 

Thanks for reading - now I want to find a cat case to get on the CALM.
Dr. Sally J Foote

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